Yerevan Smart Urban Management approaches recommended by Avenue Consulting Group

Avenue Consulting Group has recently conducted an international best practice study and explored the real opportunities of putting in practice smart urban management systems and approaches in Yere- van.

The research allowed the company to identify the most sustainable and feasible aspects of digitalization of urban management system in Yerevan with some specific recommendations to the Municipality. Here are the main highlights:

Energy Savings – Smart Street lighting systems can bring significant savings to Yerevan, as they require less energy to operate. LED lights last longer and can be dimmed or brightened depending on the time of the day. It will allow Yerevan municipality to maintain the safety and security of citizen while using less energy.

Prevention of infrastructure failures – Smart sensors can deliver data showing changes from multi-apartment buildings. Using predictive analytics, the Municipality can identify areas that need inspection and maintenance and prevent infrastructure failure and costly repairs.

Enhanced security – Safety is a priority for all cities. CCTV cameras equipped with facial recognition, motion and smoke detectors, and fire alarms will allow Yerevan Municipality to better monitor the safety of their citizens.

Optimized mobility – Smart urban systems can turn to smart technologies to make the urban traffic congestion easier and provide citizens with the real-time updates allowing them to navigate the roads better so that there are clean and efficient transportation of goods, services, and people.


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