Season’s Greetings Reception 2023

On 14 December 2023 the ABBC community gathered for Season’s Greetings Reception at His Majesty’s Ambassador to Armenia John Gallagher’s Residence. Towards the end of a busy year, this reception provided an excellent opportunity to toast for the Armenian-British growing relations and the rapidly expanding friendly ABBC community.
ABBC thanks all of its members for their trust, active membership and collaboration. The Chamber also conveys its gratitude to the British Embassy Yerevan for the constant support and ongoing contribution towards the development of shared mission.

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UK Sanctions Support Programme presented by Fieldfisher


The First Business Talks, held at AMX

31 October, 2023
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Business Brunch with Mr. Andrew Whitten

16 October, 2023
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Business Breakfast with Mr. John Gallagher and Mr. Chris Allen

19 September, 2023
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ABBC Hosts Its Second “Thirsty Thursday” Informal Gathering

13 July, 2023

ABBC Board Meeting With the Deputy Trade Commissioner for Eastern Europe and Central Asia and Director of Trade for Turkey, Mr. Ben Aldred

29 June, 2023
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Open Finance Reception Event Co-organised by the ABBC and the British Embassy Yerevan

23 May, 2023
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ABBC ‘Thirsty Thursday’ Networking at ‘Arhvestanots’ Cocktail Lounge

11 May, 2023