The First Business Talks, held at AMX

On 31 October 2023, ABBC launched its first event in the “Business Talks” monthly event series, which took place at AMX, Armenia Securities Exchange.
During this smaller-size discussion, ABBC members got acquainted with the concept and details of IPO and, of course, had the opportunity to network within the friendly ABBC community. The Business Talks was led by Hayk Yeganyan, CEO of AMX, as well as ABBC Board Director.
Business Talks are specifically designed to strengthen the ABBC knowledge-sharing and networking platforms.
ABBC Business Talks are co-organised with the help of ABBC members, who serve as event hosts.
These series include monthly business visits to ABBC members’ offices, during which valuable information on corporate operation and one specific target business operations and/or upcoming
initiative/event/opportunity will be presented and elaborated on.

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