Established in 2003, SoftConstruct, a trailblazer in the Armenian IT sector, underwent a transformative journey. Vivaro, their 2006 brainchild, pioneered the region’s inaugural online odds platform, initiating a transformative era in iGaming. In 2021, a rebranding positioned SoftConstruct globally under 10+ trademarks, with 15+ offices worldwide, reflecting their commitment to innovation.

Distinguished by a culture of innovation, SoftConstruct integrates 200+ third-party solutions, fostering a multifaceted ecosystem. Brands like Creedroomz and ventures like Stretch Network embody SoftConstruct’s commitment to diversity.

VBET, a flagship brand with two decades of global experience, epitomizes SoftConstruct’s dedication. The introduction of the Fastex ecosystem propels technological advancements, with products like Fasttoken and FastexVerse enhancing transparency.

SoftConstruct, more than a company, stands as a transformative force shaping technology and business. The Badalyan brothers’ vision has given rise to a conglomerate influencing industries, with innovation as the lifeblood propelling a brighter, tech-infused future.

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