School of Social Entrepreneurs

Gohar Mkoyan

The School of Social Entrepreneurs (SSE) was founded in 2018. SSE provides comprehensive trilingual (Armenian, English, Russian) SE education to any established, start-up entrepreneur who wants to start a Social business, do more than business, contribute to the development of the socio-economic sector, and establish a pro-state and community-based business that solves social problems.

It is noteworthy that all educational services at SSE are inclusive, available for people
with physical, mental, psychological disabilities, especially for people with hearing and
vision problems (using the “Velotype’’).

After thorough market research, two years ago, SSE launched its online multifunctional trilingual learning educational platform, Social Entrepreneurs International Academy (SEI ACADEMY). Since its inception, SEI Academy has already developed: 18 modules for SE business promotion, Workshops, 10 Business educational games, 5 tools, 7 methods and new approaches for transferring SE business skills.

SEI ACADEMY offers several comprehensive educational 4 services:

  •  “Social Business Owner Self-Study”: This Program gives the lerner the opportunity
    to learn all on his/her own with his/her “own pace” using video-tutorial that you can
    find on our website  after purchasing the course.
  • “Startup Social Business PRO”: This program is 24 offline/online, interactive and
    live lessons that can host up to 25 participants. This class is for people who want to
    understand what SE is and how it works.
  • “Social Owner Max”: This program is 45 online/offline, interactive and live lessons
    for people who want to understand how to be a SE owner.
  • “Social Business Owner Max VIP”: This one is similar to the last one, but the catch
    is that you get private and individual lessons with some of our best mentors and the
    best part is that you learn alone with no other participant.
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