KOMO Realty

Khachik Gevorgyan

KOMO Realty, established in 2023, is dedicated to revolutionising Armenia’s real estate landscape, both in primary and secondary sales. Committed to enhancing the sector, the Company pursues ambitious short- and long-term objectives, including: 

  • advancing Armenia’s real estate market through enhanced education and awareness, 
  • ensuring transparency by providing clients with clear information on legislative regulations governing the RA real estate market,
  • facilitating navigation of the real estate sector through comprehensive supporting materials, 
  • employing licensed real estate agents who uphold the highest standards of professionalism in the Republic of Armenia, 
  • implementing a modernised approach to property exhibitions and listings,
  • upholding reliability, transparency and confidentiality as the cornerstones of the real estate sector in the RA.

KOMO Realty is not just selling properties; it is shaping a the future of the real estate in Armenia.  

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