Havasar Educational Foundation

Executive Director
Amalya Harutyunyan

Havasar is an educational foundation whose mission is to provide equal opportunities in education for all, creating an inclusive society. To fulfill its mission, the foundation has set itself the task of ensuring access and accessibility to education for children with disabilities, promoting the realization of the right to education for all children, and promoting the idea of universal design in the educational environment.
In pursuit of Havasar’s main goal of making education more inclusive and accessible, the foundation has created its main product, the eponymous phone application, where the material of general education textbooks is in audio and video versions, adapted for children with visual, hearing, and intellectual disabilities.
The “Havasar” phone application is designed to be as interesting and accessible as possible for the child, including the ability to change the background, font size, and character, which allows every child of age to learn equally and easily. In “Havasar” you can also find games and exercises with subscription.

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