“Gravitons” is the only professional sales outsourcing company in Armenia, mainly oriented towards insurance products sales. In collaboration with top 3 insurance companies in Armenia, Gravitons sells mainly 6 types of insurance products to the retail market. Its two branches are in Yerevan and Gyumri.

The core values of Gravitons are:

  • New sales culture implementation to the Armenian retail market;
  • Professional sales educated team with high motivation in sales;
  • Growing young professional team with an average age of 25;
  • Clear and bright future in sales and insurance market development.

Graviton’s mission is to develop the international sales culture in Armenia to help people buy products that can bring some added value to their wealth . It also provides outsource consultancy to the companies that need professional sales departments and methodology setting up a new culture within the companies. Its growth rate is higher than 30% annually.

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