I would like to congratulate the Armenian British Business Chamber on the launch of its new website, which will allow the organisation to present its activities to the wider public and to provide additional promotional opportunities to its members.

For over a decade, Armenian British Business Chamber has been one of our closest and longest-standing partners in Armenia strengthening the relationship between UK and Armenian businesses. For many years, it has provided a unique framework for business-to-business dialogue in areas where the UK and Armenia can work together on shared commercial opportunities, at the same time promoting the business interests of its member companies and addressing issues pertaining to the larger business environment in the country.

The Chamber underlines the importance of commercial collaboration as we embrace the opportunities of the future together. It is a platform for UK and Armenian businesses to talk, explore new business partnerships and opportunities, and work together to tackle the biggest business challenges such as climate change, acquiring talent, global supply chain disruptions, and many more.

I am pleased to see that the Chamber is growing day-by-day, involving new companies from various sectors of the Armenian economy, demonstrating its ability to respond to the fast-changing external environment.

I am positive that among its other activities, the new website will provide even greater opportunities for the Chamber to continue its work to benefit Armenian and UK companies and raise UK-Armenia business cooperation to a new level.

John Gallagher

UK Ambassador to Armenia