Regional Post Media

Executive Director
Arshak Tovmasyan

Regional Post Media is a multi-language media group, including its flagship product, the Regional Post-
Caucasus print magazine, active digital distribution, and a wide range of editorial and publishing services.
Since its establishment in 2016, the media group has been committed to covering a wide array of topics
relevant to Armenia and the region. High-quality content created by the editorial team is available via its
digital platforms in English and Russian, while the English language print magazine extends its reach to a
more targeted audience. The primary distribution of the magazine covers Armenia, focusing on political,
business, and cultural leaders, embassies, international organizations, and public actors.
Moreover, the Regional Post-Caucasus Magazine reaches Georgia and several European countries,
including France, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, as well as Turkey and Russia, targeting
organizations and outstanding individuals who have an active interest in Armenia, with a particular target
on the diaspora.
The media group also provides comprehensive editorial and publishing services, covering the entire
production cycle of print and digital media. This includes corporate journals, presentations, brochures,
albums, catalogs, annual reports, and books, as well as text content and articles for publishing via local
and international media outlets. Additionally, the group provides digital marketing services for
international and local organizations.

Membership Category: C