Haig Barrett Partners

Haig Armaghanian

Haig Barrett Partners is a strategic management consultancy company based in London and working with clients in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and the USA, who are looking to accelerate their growth, to expand their global footprint and to move their business forward with confidence in uncertain times.

The company has an extensive group of experts with backgrounds in strategy, leadership development, entering new markets, sales and marketing, business operations, and mergers and acquisitions – across the many countries in which they operate. It is focused on some core industry sectors including advanced automotive, energy, oil and gas, biopharma, and technology.

As a company, they work closely with clients to shift the culture of their business and to take away the barriers and obstacles that hinder success, and lead to increased sales and operational efficiency.

Haig Barrett Partners is growing its business in Armenia, with an emphasis on its core industry sectors, plus agriculture and tourism.

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