Established in 2018, Fast Shift stands as a pioneering force in the realm of modern financial services, committed to revolutionising payment and transfer solutions throughout Armenia. With a steadfast dedication to innovation and excellence, Fast Shift has is a trusted provider of cutting-edge payment technologies renowned for their simplicity, convenience, security, and accessibility. The Company places paramount importance on the security and efficiency of financial transactions, recognising the invaluable nature of their customers’ time and the sanctity of their finances. Through the flagship mobile application, Fast Shift empowers individuals and businesses alike to conduct swift and cost-effective transactions, seamlessly navigating the ever-evolving landscape of new technologies and the burgeoning realm of online commerce.

Fast Shift’s mission is deeply rooted in a commitment to nurturing a culture of online financial services, guided by principles of reliability, ethics, and transparency, aiming to be a trusted partner and financial advisor, dedicated to exceeding the expectations of all stakeholders – customers, partners, investors, employees, and the state.

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