General Director
Paruyr Hakobyan

The construction enterprise «Arpa-Sevanstroy» was established in 1969 and reorganized into “Arpa- Sevan” OJSC in 1998.

From its inception, «Arpa-Sevan» OJSC has an excellent record of providing high quality engineering, construction, and other services to all those who value quality, effectiveness and reliability. During more than 50 years, thanks to its devoted team, the company has strived for quality assurance, which is a guarantee of success in the industry. The commission of more than 150 different types of construction projects comes to prove this.

Arpa-Sevan’s strategy is clear and lucid, which allows to achieve its goals and ensure continuous advancement. The organisational principles allow the company to clearly envision further progress. The Company’s professional capacity comes to affirm its future success.

Arpa-Sevan’s business operates throughout the supply chain, from initial concept to the final output with trust management. The company regularly mobilizes teams with highly qualified and skilled specialists who are unique in their ability to put projects into commission on time and to budget.

Membership Start Date: 06/2017
Membership Category: C