Empowering Women: Panel Discussion on Leadership and Entrepreneurship

On 27 March, an insightful panel discussion on women’s empowerment, their leadership roles, and business management skills took place in Yerevan. The discussion was a collaborative effort between the City College, University of York Europe Campus and the British Embassy in Armenia.

The event featured two engaging panel discussions: one focused on women as leaders and the other on women in entrepreneurship.

Paul Morris, Deputy Head of Mission and HM Consul, emphasised the British Embassy’s commitment to gender balance and the active involvement of women across various fields.

Professor Leslie Szamosi, the Director of the Pan-European MBA programme, skillfully moderated both discussions. Drawing from his research, Professor Szamosi highlighted the pivotal role women play in fostering societal stability.

“Research underscores that businesses led by women tend to thrive. Leveraging women’s capabilities is crucial for the country’s advancement, paving the way for a more prosperous society,” he noted.

The discussion on women’s leadership roles provided participants with an opportunity to share their personal journeys, followed by an engaging Q&A session addressing key issues concerning women’s participation in leadership positions.



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