Business Meeting with the United Nations Resident Coordinator in Armenia

On 7 June, 2022, ABBC held a Business Meeting with the United Nations Resident Coordinator in Armenia Ms. Lila Pieters Yahia and Partnership and Development Finance Adviser with the UN Resident Coordinator`s Office Ms. Arevik Anapiosyan. The meeting took place in The Alexander Yerevan Hotel and was attended by around 20 ABBC members. At the start of the meeting, ABBC Executive Director Diana Gaziyan welcomed the UN representatives and mentioned that ABBC-UN co-operation has a great potential to be mutually rewarding and beneficial.

During the meeting, Ms. Pieters Yahia presented the overview of the system and its relevance to the private sector. She also mentioned that she would be happy to invite ABBC members to National Consultations towards Transforming Education Summit. This was followed by the presentation of Ms. Anapiosyan on UN Sustainable Cooperation Framework.

ABBC members raised a number of questions related to the UN goals in Armenia and potential for cooperation with the private sector representatives from various industries. The meeting lasted for around 1.5 hours and was concluded with the agreement to further the cooperation between the two organizations.


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